Gosh i’m so bad at Spanish

And I don’t know why I bother trying to talk to the Spaniards in English when they clearly only speak Spanish. It’s as if I’m convinced that if I speak slowly and really clearly I can get them to understand me. Nope. Duh. And trying to speak Spanish just makes them confused, so then I’m REALLY confused.

So, next time that I decide to go off and work in a foreign country for a month, I’m going to make sure that I can speak at least enough to get me by. Seems kinda obvious huh?

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I hauled in 28 bales of straw and hay yesterday, up a hill, in 40 degree heat. I can honestly say that I’m getting more muscular from being at this horse farm than having to go to the gym every day. And I’m losing weight because my wonderful hosts cook really healthy food.

Fuck university. I’m going to be a farmer.

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